1. Scope

The website www.cetemet.es is a free site in which the Technology Centre of the Metal-mechanical and Transport (CETEMET) describes technology services, working guidelines, internal organisation and projects and services which are being currently carried out by the Centre, including specialised content on the metal-mechanical and transport sectors. This website grants free access for information purposes, displaying a private area for members of the Centre. This disclaimer contains the Terms of Use of the website http://cetemet.es at the disposal of internet users. By using or accessing the services provided on this website, you agree with the applicable general terms and conditions. Please read the present document carefully.

  1. Intellectual and industrial property.

You are only and exclusively allowed to display, reproduce, print and partially download contents on this site under the following terms:

  • In case you comply with the website purposes not damaging howsoever the image and reputation of Cetemet, its providers, its products or services.
  • For personal and private use only. The exploitation and use for promotional or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Whether respecting Cetemet´s intellectual and industrial property rights. Total or partial amendments, decompilation or alteration the entirety of the contents are not allowed. Not complying with the terms hereof will constitute an illegal action leading to civil or criminal penalties according to applicable legislation.
  1. Privacy and personal information protection.

This site collects personal information necessary for management and maintenance of some of the services. This information is safeguarded in our files which are properly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Without prejudice of purposes stated in every case, the said information will be safeguarded and managed by Cetement with the due confidentiality, by security IT systems stated in the applicable legislation in order to prevent access, misuse, tampering, damage or loss of personal information. In any moment, you can exercise your rights to access, rectify or cancel your personal information by application in writing addressed to the file holder, that is:

Centro Tecnológico Metalmecánico y del Transporte

Avenida 1º de Mayo s/n

23700 Linares, Spain

  1. Exclusion and limitation of liability.

Opinions presented in articles, works, forums or mailing lists on this site are the opinions of the individual authors or the undersigning person and do not necessary reflect the opinions of Cetemet. Moreover, on this site, links and connections to third-parties websites are referred on which Cetemet has no control howsoever. This information is referred for information use only, Cetemet does not guarantee the lack of interruptions or errors when accessing the website or its contents, or this content to be permanently accurate and up-to-date.

Cetemet assumes no liability or responsibility for any failures, errors or damages, direct or indirect, caused on the user IT system (hardware and software) or files or documents stored therein arising out of:

  1. The capacity or quality of the user IT system, viruses in the computer of the user used to access services and contents on this site.
  2. User connection and access to the Internet.
  3. Browser malfunction due to user´s IT applications not up-to-date or without the corresponding user license.
  1. Amendments and updatings.

Cetemet reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to amend and to update the information contained in this site, configuration, availability or layout as well as the present Terms of Use.

  1. Applicable law and forum.

The present Terms of Use comply and will be enforced according to the Spanish legislation on those aspects not being explicitly stated. Cetemet, the users and every person or company using or contracting any product or service therein provided, explicitly waiving any other forum that may correspond, will be subject to, unless not prohibited by law, the jurisdiction and competency of the Courts of the city of Linares, Jaen (Spain) for resolution of any kind arising out of the interpretation, application or compliance with these terms, as well as any claims arising out of the use of this website.

This disclaimer has been translated into English. If the English disclaimer shows discrepancies with the Spanish version, the Spanish version will be decisive.