About Us

Cetemet: your ally for your innovative ideas.

The Technology Centre of Metal-mechanical and Transport (CETEMET) was founded in 2007 as a non for profit foundation. The centre is managed by a private foundation made up by 20 entities including companies in the metal-mechanical and transport sectors, public bodies, savings banks, , universities and business associations. Our mission is to strengthen our role as a technology, smart business and advance infrastructure centre, performing as an accelerator within competitive sectors in the metal-mechanical and transport industries in Andalusia.

CETEMET aims at fostering economic development in Andalusia by means of promoting and improving innovation in companies within the metal-mechanical and transport industries (a paramount sector in Andalusia). The centre focuses on promotion and technology development in two core ideas: technology services and R&D&i projects.

CETEMET is certified as a Technology Centre at regional level, with registry No. AC0051CT in the Registry of Agents of Knowledge System in Andalusia, set by the regional ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, by Order 18 September 2006. The Centre is also certified as a National Technology Centre by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, entry No. 108 in the Public Registry of Technology Centres and Centres promoting technology and innovation, according to Spanish Royal Decree 2093/2008 of 19 December.

CETEMET has implemented a quality system with the following granted certifications:

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001 Spanish standards in management system
  • UNE 166002 Spanish standards in R&D&I management
  • UNE-EN 9100 Spanish standards in aeronautics systems within the following scope: “Design and development of tools and on-board components (composite, metallic and wiring) for the aerospace sector”
  • ENAC 994/LE1951 Spanish certification according to 17025:2005 standards for implementation of tests for carriage of perishable foodstuffs vehicles as per UNECE ATP international standards (Geneva, 1 September 1970) and Spanish Royal Decree 237/2000 of 18 February. Cetemet is approved as an official testing station by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001 Spanish standards in environmental management

At regional level, CETEMET is also certified as a:

  • Training centre with entry No. 3274 and entity No. 75845 in the Registry of Entities and Centres of Professional Training for Employment in Andalusia.
  • Member of the R&D&i information points network (PIDI)

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