ATP Perishable Goods testings. Cooling tunnel

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Cetemet´s climate laboratory is appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry as an official testing station for special isotherm units, the so-called ATP testing.

ATP stands for Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be used for such Carriage. This agreement was done in Geneva in 1970. In Spain, this agreement was adapted by adoption of Royal Decree 237/2000 (updated 15 November, 2013) and the Order ITC/2590/2010.

These regulations set up technical specifications for special vehicles transporting foodstuffs at an adjusted temperature by road or railway and the proceedings monitoring the compliance with these specifications.

Cetemet´s laboratory is certified by ENAC No. 994/LE1951 (also known as “cooling tunnel” within the sector).