R+D+i Main areas

The Cetemet Foundation has prioritized its strategic areas according to the H2020 European framework. Our strategic areas in R&D&i have been consequently incorporated to the RIS3 Andalucía strategy (Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy) so that they remain in accordance with regional capacities and they optimise support to the industrial sector.

Therefore, Cetemet focuses on developing the following priorities within the RIS3 strategy:


Within this priority, Cetemet is focused on creating innovative knowledge in the fields of logistics and transport in order to improve companies’ competitiveness. Another key question is developing non-polluting vehicles (or vehicles reducing emissions) intended for urban or interurban mobility or transport of goods attaining a sustainable mobility.

Some examples of these guiding lines are different projects executed in the past, others in execution and those to be executed in the future.

Project MEET (Improving energy efficiency in the carriage of perishable foodstuffs by road), financed by the grant provided in the “Order of Agents of Knowledge 2010”. This project is already finished and its main result was a test reducing timelines which allows optimizing deadlines for ATP certification of vehicles transporting perishable foodstuffs. The related necessary proceedings are also registered and settled.

Project MEET+ (Improving competitiveness in Andalusian industry of carriage of perishable foodstuffs by road). This project is currently being executed and it is financed by the grant under the “Order of Agents of Knowledge 2011”. Its main objectives are to improve production methods and criteria in vehicles´ bodywork construction. Another objective is setting a prediction tool calculating heat transfer coefficient when designing vehicles.

Project ECONTAINER (Bio-inspired optimization of multimodal containers). This project is currently in process. It is financed by a grant under the “Order of Agents of Knowledge 2012”. ECONTAINER has the priority of optimizing thermal efficiency in refrigerated sea containers design. Thus, we can contribute to strengthen their intermodal use. We therefore capitalise results out of MEET and MEET + projects transferring knowledge from land to sea transport.

In addition, these three projects contribute to the valorisation of Cetemet´s technology infrastructures, such as the cooling tunnel certified by Spanish standards ENAC 17025 for ATP international testing (heat transfer coefficient in vehicles for transport of perishable goods).

Last but not least, Cetemet is specialising in Intelligent Transport Systems ITS as a common field within transport engineering and its related Critical Infrastructures.


In this field CETEMET focuses on implementing new materials and production processes, advance technologies and production systems, automation, robotics and digitalisation in transport industry.

Thus, we intend to enhance Andalusia as a reference region in research, experimentation, demonstration and technology transfer projects in the railway, aeronautics, ship and automotive industries.

Some examples of these activities are the collaborative works Cetemet is carrying out with different automotive, aeronautics and railway companies. Cetemet provides technology services based on its long experience and staff capacities within these collaborative activities concerning products development.