Climate test

Cetemet has a unique climate simulation laboratory due to the capacity of the testing chamber with a 26 m length, 8 m width and 6 m height of usable space.

This chamber displays a control range of temperature between 5ºC and 50ºC, of relative humidity from 10% to 90%, of solar radiation on a 4 x 6 m panel (with a theoretical power of 1800 W/m2) and of wind speed up to 120 Km/h in 4.5 m2 blowing chamber.

This testing chamber is also provided with rails to test railway products and a roller unit for vehicles with tyres.

The lab staffs modify technical features and parameters to match requirements under a standard or a scope statement to test a product in certain conditions.

In order to guarantee traceability of the test parameters, the laboratory is equipped with control and measuring devices such as temperature and wind sounding lines and power measuring. These devices are adjusted as per the Spanish Certification Agency ENAC standards and certified by ISO 17025 establishing requirements for testing and measuring laboratories.

Some examples of the testing carried out in these premises are:

  • Calculating heat transfer coefficient in vehicles and products according to different standards:
    • ATP (special vehicles for perishable goods transportation)
    • UNE-EN 14750-2 (Air conditioning for railway products)
    • ISO 1496-2 (Heat testing for sea containers)
  • Thermographic studies improving thermal insulation
  • Tents wind resistance as per ISO 5912 standard
  • Aerodynamic behaviour of car deflectors
  • Structures behaviour under extreme wind and temperature conditions DIN 1055 (Wind load on structures)
  • Studies on condensation in automotive lenses
  • Performance of climate systems in vehicles