Metrology management


Dimensional reports

Cetemet´s staff with a long experience in measuring devices management adapts quality management systems to different national and international standards requirements such as ISO 9000, TS, AQAP, 17025, 10012, etc.).

These are our main services:

  • 3D digitizing for dimensional control and reverse engineering
  • Study on metrology needs
  • Specific calibration plans set up
  • Measuring devices management
  • Purchase of equipment assistance
  • Measuring systems design
  • Quality costs optimization.
  • Initial sampling testing and certifications.
  • Devices calibrations

The Centre is fully equipped with an applied Metrotechnics and Metrology laboratory with a wide variety of devices to match testing or certification needs including parts, equipment and devices measuring needs.

  • 3D mobile laser scanning arm permitting on site measuring
  • Carl-Marh-Perthen roughness tester measuring surface finish
  • Portable Taylor-Hobson roughness tester
  • Carl-Marh-Perthen roundness tester measuring 2D shapes: inaccurate roundness and spherical surfaces.
  • GSIP measuring unit for horizontal coordinate.
  • Carl-Zeiss horizontal coordinate measuring machine.
  • Trimos vertical coordinate measuring device.
  • Contracer Mitutoyo contour tester measuring external shapes.
  • Mitutoyo 3D measuring device.
  • Carl-Zeiss angle optical splitter
  • Baty R-40 profile projector with fiber optic measuring
  • Gauge block and dial gauge calibration units
  • Granite surface plates quality “00” (1600 x1000 /1000×800 mm)